The Technology Evangelist

Ashish Banerjee  

I have more than 25 years (as of June 2012) of software development experience. I am still a hands-on programmer.

Some of my recent achievements include:

 Principal innovator at Sun Microsystems for making Java faster on Multicore Processor Architecture. Here is the paper. And its  open source avatar.

 Contribution of a kernel module to

 Microsoft has recognized me as a .NET community Star.

 Co-authored a C# web Services book published by wrox in USA.

 I was  nominated for Daveng Mehta IT Innovation award for developing SMS engine for BoP banking.

I am an Open Source Evangelist and have guided more than 17 Master of Technology thesis projects for I.E.T.E


 My Self (Ashish Banerjee) with Dr. James Gosling, 
 the father of Java at Sun Tech Days 09