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B2B Portals are an important facet of e-marketplace, but they are NOT  themselves complete e-marketplace.

Mostly B2B portals are confused with e-marketplace as they are mostly and only visible part of e-marketplace.


B2B Portals mostly provide the following services: 

  • Page hosting for product show casing
  • Catalogues and searches
  • Lead generations and requirement & tender  listing
  • Authentication and verification services
  • Matching buyers and selling requirements
  • Hosting reverse and forward auctions


EC21 , B2B Indiatimes, b2b.foodsfortrade, marketplace.gm,marketplace.in

Relationship with e-marketplace 

There are hundreds of B2B portals going by the e-marketplace name. Some are horizontal while some focus on verticals, like e-choupal promoted by ITC which focuses on farming. 

 What most these portals lack is federation and back-end  integration capabilities.

Thus an e-marketplace would be able to federate and integrate multiple B2B Portals and enable an enterprise to trade and list on multiple portals without having to list and upload Catalogues on each of them individually. 

Today (early 2007) , B2B Portals  mostly help companies find new business and business partners. whereas, e-marketplace is mostly about doing repeat business with existing partners at a lower transaction cost, in addition to finding new partners.

Ideally their ERP system should be integrated with e-marketplace that would enable them to access multiple B2B as well as B2C Portals.