B2B e-marketplace

Web Services Definition Search-able Registry, Federated  Identity, Non Repudiation, Escrow, Arbitration



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e-marketplace is an online trading platform, created with a collection of search-able  web services definitions enabling  federated members to conduct business over Internet. It provides federated identity, non-repudiation, financial and logistics supply chain, escrow and arbitration to its trading partners.

e-marketplace is NOT a B2B Portal.

 e-marketplace is often confused with B2B Portals. Whereas a B2B Portal is a facet of the overall marketplace, only a tip of an ice-berg.

e-Marketplace is a collection of web services definitions within a  contained in a search-able registry.  The marketplace is distributed across the Internet, parts of which may even reside within the ERP systems of enterprises like Wallmart.

e-marketplace cannot be controlled by  any single entity.

e-marketplace constitutes of only two main components:

  • Federated Identity
  • Web Services Registry 

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e-marketplace lowers the barrier to entry and also lowers the cost of doing business and reduces the time to conclude a business transactions from weeks to hours.

A network of loosely coupled community of members conduct business with each other, assured by the e-marketplace of their authenticity.


The various entities or marketplace participants are.

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Financial Supply Chain providers (like Banks, Payment gateways)
  • Infrastructure Services Providers
  • ISV (Independent Software Developrs)
  • SI (System Integrators) 
  • Logistics providers
  • Governance and  Arbitrators
  • Consulting & SupportServices