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Ashish Banerjee (The Technology Evangelist)


White Papers 

Glassfish Technology

HK2: The Glassfish micro kernel

 HK2 (Hundred Kilobyte) Kernel is at the heart of the Glassfish version 3 design. Here is how it works.

 ITR Utility

 ITR Utility (FREE & Open Source)

Document and Content Management


Alfresco is the best of the breed. Its GPL and easy to install.


 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

At this moment I am recommending OFBiz but I might change my mind later.



Liferay has Ajax front-end  (Dojo toolkit), it implements JSR 168, 170. Also it has an Alfresco embedded into it. The advantage of using Alfresco with Liferay is that, one can use the power of Glassfish which standalone Alfresco does not support at this present point of time (June 07). Glassfish uses Java NIO technology which lets the service handle more traffic.