Open Source Web 2.0 Infrastructure Stack

Open Source Social Network Computing


 Web 2.0 is transforming into a WoW (Web on Web).  A web of one-2-one relationships spanning the Globe enabled by the Web.

The participants choose when to connect to their personal network, whom they want to connect to and what technology device they want to connect to. They can interact from Anywhere they want, its open for 24x7.

They can connect using: Mobile, PC, Laptops and yes, soon it will be through interactive TV as well.

One can not only share multimedia contents like personal pictures, videos and tunes but also active contents like games and widgets (small applications running on web pages).

A list of Social Networking sites are available here.

A few samplers of the social netwroking sites that encourage  creation and sharing of the widgets are :

MySpaceFacebook, Orkut, Google Apps, and there are many more...

Open Social is emerging as the defacto standard for Social Network API.

Humans being a social animal species have a propencity to herd together to develop synergies to gain  individual competitive advantage. This behaviour patterns has been translated into the Web as well, creating a Web-on-Web (WoW) of relationships.

Why Should Enterprise Care?

The main asset that an enterprise have are human in nature, their employees, its customers and their business partners. 

 Off-course, processes, Intellectual Properties, brands and physical assets along with cash do matter but the prime movers are the human assets.